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Six Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Vinyl Siding for Your Home's Exterior

Vinyl Siding for Your Home's Exterior Vinyl siding for homes was invented in the 1950s, and it has only grown in popularity since that time. Today, millions of American homes are clad in vinyl siding, and there are many good reasons for its widespread use. Below are six advantages of having vinyl siding installed on your home.

Never Requires Painting

Wood siding can be beautiful, but it will require painting once every few years to maintain its good looks. Painting is a time-consuming, costly task, and if it is neglected, wood siding becomes vulnerable to rot and drying out.

Vinyl siding, on the other hand, is molded in a color of the consumer's choice all the way throughout each piece, and painting is never required. Vinyl siding is capable of being painted if a homeowner desires, but that is strictly optional and is needed only if the homeowner wants a change.

Is Easy to Clean

Homeowners not only never need to paint vinyl siding but also can restore it to its factor-fresh looks simply. In fact, an occasional rain shower can help clean the siding for you by washing it down. However, if you need to intervene, you should know that cleaning vinyl siding is easy and can be performed by a homeowner in an afternoon.

To clean vinyl siding, apply a solution of household cleaning products mixed with warm water using a soft-bristled brush. Scrub gently to remove any dirt or gunky buildup. Next, use a garden hose to rinse the soap and dirt away from the vinyl. There is no need to use a power washer, as debris washes away readily with the gentle flow from the hose.

Is Molded in a Variety of Patterns and Colors

As mentioned earlier, vinyl siding comes from the factory in a variety of colors, but that isn't where the options end. In addition, vinyl siding is also fabricated in a number of textures, patterns, and shapes that offer homeowners the opportunity to make their house truly unique.

This variety of styles enables homeowners to clad their homes in looks that mimic other architectural styles. For example, if you wish to replicate an antique wood clapboard appearance, then there are vinyl siding options available to meet your needs.

Has Lower Material and Installation Costs

Vinyl siding is one of the most affordable exterior options available for homes. Compared to brick and wood, vinyl siding costs much less, on average, than either of those materials.

The good news is that the savings don’t end there. Installation costs for vinyl siding are also lower than those of brick and wood. Vinyl siding is easily handled and worked by professional installers, and these traits make the job of installation simpler and quicker. The happy result is a lower bill for homeowners.

Has a High Level of Durability

When homeowners look for exterior materials that are going to last for decades, vinyl siding always emerges at the top end of the list. Vinyl siding is manufactured from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a highly durable, stable, and safe material that is known for its extreme resilience to damage.

Vinyl siding doesn't break easily, and it is also resistant to damage caused by the extremes of both summer and winter. Not only that, but vinyl siding is able to withstand high winds, if properly installed, and it will not pull away from a home during storms.

Finally, so it can maintain its colorfast nature, vinyl siding is coated with an invisible, thin layer of titanium dioxide. This is the same agent used in sunscreen to reduce the impact of ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

Is Extremely Fire Resistant

One of the attributes of vinyl siding that might surprise some homeowners is its resistance to fire. In fact, vinyl siding is more resistant to heat and flames than wood; fire resistance is a common attribute of all PVC products. That means there is little likelihood of a fire originating in your siding and spreading inward toward your home.

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